Bench Invitation

A party club last week had an unexpected visitor. This party club host had CEF party clubs several times in the past year. She knew they were an opportunity for her to share the gospel with her neighborhood community. The club shared about God’s love and what Jesus did on the cross through an exciting bible lesson. The kids attending this club were mostly returning neighborhood children. They were about to start the club held at her local school when there was an unexpected visitor.

The girl in the doorway had been at the park when she came across a CEF party club flyer. She brought it to her parents and they noticed the event was just down the street at the school. She decided she wanted to go and ended up bringing her parents too. The host met and welcomed them into the room and discovered they were new to the area. The host appreciated the opportunity to meet her new neighbors while sharing the gospel with them. 

Would you pray for this family? That this connection would lead to them putting their faith in Christ and for the host of this club to continue making an impact on her neighborhood.

Are you wanting to break down the walls between you and your community to further the gospel? Would you like your neighbors to hear God’s word taught clearly in a fun way? Host a 5-day club this summer! You invite your neighborhood children to a 90-minute backyard club you’ll host one week this Summer. It’s an incredible avenue to connect with your community while sharing the good news of the gospel.

Host a 5-Day Club