Christmas Party Clubs

We were blown away by all the gifts given to CEF Chicago for the children in our clubs.  It was amazing!!  The children in our club were SO appreciative.  It gave us a chance  also to visit their homes and give the children the gifts who were not able to come to the Christmas party club we held in our home.

A group of Hindu children gathered in one home that we visited and I was able to give them the simple gospel message before giving them their gifts.  There were 7 children and they listened attentively and had many questions.

One question was how could Jesus be God if He died?  Gods don’t die.  I could tell the children that Jesus’ body died, but not His soul.  Jesus’ body died, but was resurrected.  We also have bodies that will die, but our souls will live forever.  The children nodded with apparent understanding.  What a privilege to have this opportunity to connect with these kids once again and to sow more seeds of truth into their lives.  I then gave them their gifts and told them to take them and save them at home and to open on Christmas day.  The children, as well as the parents, were so appreciative of this outpouring of love!  I want to thank all who made this possible.

We praise God for the Christmas Party Clubs that took place, the Valentine Party Clubs and the Easter Party Clubs to take place next month.


Thank you for your gifts and prayers

which make ministry to kids like this one possible.