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What is CYIA™?

Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA) is our residential teen training program. It’s an 11-day program with other 100 hours of training! CYIAers will learn to share the Gospel with children through our 5-Day Club Curriculum, but it is applicable to any situation where a teen might interact with children for the rest of their lives. The cost for the overnight camp is $400 for housing, food, resources, materials, and all of the fun activities that come in the 11 day overnight training.

Quick Guide

CYIA this year has been scheduled from June 11-21, 2024. Location to be determined.

Is CYIA the right program for me?

There are three questions you can ask yourself to determine if CYIA is for you!

  1. Do you like working with other teens who love Christ?
  2. Do you want to do something with your summer that will make an eternal difference?
  3. Do you want to impact your community and the Chicago area for Christ?

If so, then CYIA might be for you!

Hey, potential CYIA-ers! Summer will come upon us sooner than you know, and that’s when the fun starts happening! Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) is a program that trains those 13 years and older to teach children about our awesome Savior, Jesus Christ. For those of you who are younger than that, we have accepted students as young as 11 on a case-by-case basis.

The summer starts off with 11 days of training. This means lots of fellowship and fun, plus you will learn how to effectively teach children about God and how to make a real difference in their lives. Worried you can’t do it? Don’t sweat it–that’s why we train you!

After the training, we’ll have a full summer of missions work! Through 5-Day Clubs, CYIA-ers get the awesome opportunity to serve God and see God do amazing things in the lives of the children who attend the clubs!

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Got questions or concerns?

Call Jonathan King at (708) 837-8661 or email us at [email protected]

CYIA was inspiring and challenging. It made me look outside my doors and come out of my comfort zone.

Joshua Heidekrueger, CYIAer

CEF Summer missions changed my life! It’s not only about the children, it’s about you too. CEF missionaries will spend countless hours building into you as you prepare to minister to the children together. Come see what it’s all about!