Haven’t Accepted Jesus Yet

As fall comes to Chicago with a chilled wind, we take a moment to look-back on the Summer we just had. Checkout this story sent to us recently.

It is often said that when you assume, you assume wrong. That is why we at CEF Chicago never assume that just because no one comes back to be counseled for salvation that it means that God isn’t working. One mother wrote to us weeks after her son had attended a 5-Day Club and said, “Ryan had been wanting to visit the Billy Graham Museum ever since I mentioned it to him recently. So today as we drove by it we decided to stop and go through the museum. At the very end right before you exit, there’s a short video where Billy Graham prays a prayer saying if you haven’t accepted Jesus yet and you want to, please pray this in your heart…and he prays. Then he said if you just accepted Jesus, please fill out a card as you exit so we know who you are and can send you Bible resources. Ryan said, ‘Can I fill a card out?’ I asked, ‘Did you just accept Jesus?’ He said, ‘I did during 5-Day Club while the teacher was talking about Romans 5:8.’ I was pleasantly surprised and had no idea!”