Guide Retreat Fall 2020

      On the first weekend of October, we sent one of our full-time staff members and our intern to Guide Retreat. They went to Guide Retreat; a retreat at CEF international headquarters in Warrenton Missouri. The goal of this retreat is to show prospective supporters and interns what CEF is and guides participants through the daily life of a CEF worker. Participants were taken on a tour of the entire campus and daily activities such as: how to make a wordless book, the inking process of the materials we use in Goodnews Clubs, and how to bind the materials. They also took a tour of the studio where all of our CEF songs are produced.

     While there, our staff connected with a few of our local staff who are temporarily located in headquarters. Hector and Viri Calix are CEF of Chicago Spanish ministry coordinators. Hector is there to complete Children’s Ministries Institute as part of his requirement for being on staff with CEF. Viri had already completed the Children’s Ministries Institute before joining full time with CEF. She is now creating and printing masks with the colors of the wordless book on them for evangelistic use during COVID-19. They are excited to be there but also looking forward to utilizing their ministry training back in Chicago.

     During the third day of Guide Retreat, Hector Calix spoke at a Q&A about what working with CEF is like. Hector spoke about how God brought him to CEF Chicago and how the Lord has worked in his life. He was also able to share extensively about the Housing for Urban Ministry Building (HUB). He explained how it takes a huge financial burden off of missionaries and adds people to our team who love God and are called to pursue ministry full or part time. 

     Mary Compasio is one of our beloved volunteers who is currently also located in Warrenton, MO. Her connection with CEF of Chicago started during her first Chrisitan Youth In Action (CYIA). In pursuit of the Lord’s will in her life, she decided to pursue an internship with CEF for 2020-2021 rather than her 9-5 job. She is there as a 1-year intern with USA Ministries and is learning valuable skills and working hard with the team there. 

     Interested in learning more and joining us for the next Guide Retreat? Connect with us via Facebook at Chicago Child Evangelism Fellowship or email us at [email protected] and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.