Christmas Across America

Adults and children alike enjoy a good Christmas party, and Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) has developed an extraordinary program called Christmas Across America, a fun, evangelistic, and innovative event for kids! Christmas Across America provides a meaningful way to celebrate one of the most amazing events in all of history—the birth of Jesus! – CEF HQ

CEF Chicago staff are having a blast traveling around Chicago teaching these clubs. One staff member shares her experience. “As I watched the giggling children drape toilet paper around my colleague to turn her into a snowman (each child had to answer a question from the Bible lesson before taking his or her turn), I realized we were building more than just a snowman. These children, hearing about Jesus’ birth and redemptive work on the cross, were being given the chance to build an eternity with Jesus. As each fact stacked like building blocks, one on top of another, the children realized that Jesus was the real gift, the promised Savior. One approached the Bible teacher after the lesson. “I want to receive Jesus and His gift of forgiveness,” he announced and prayed in his own words to have his sins forgiven. The foundation was laid for him to live the rest of his life with Jesus.”

These Christmas-themed party clubs are being held across Chicagoland through the month of December. Scores of children are hearing the Gospel and learning the true meaning of Christmas, some for the first time. Many are choosing to respond to the Gospel as God continues building His kingdom here on Earth.