Christmas in November

With the first of November behind us, the great seasonal debate has begun. Do we decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving? Some save their festive green and reds till after the great feast and others utilize the entire month of November for festive holiday merriment. Whether you’re putting up the tree this month or waiting till after the bird is cooked we can all agree that evangelism isn’t something to put off till a certain date. Here at CEF Chicago, we are committed to evangelizing children with the gospel with the motto “every child, every nation, every day”.


This month CEF Chicago is excited to have a teen training on November 5th called Christmas in November. The purpose of the training is to equip young people to teach a one-time seasonal evangelistic event called a party club in their area. A party club consists of inviting kids to a home or church for an exciting and gospel-centered Bible lesson, craft, seasonal snack, and more. The teens are former CYIA students who have come through our 11-day training program this past summer and are passionate about leading kids to Christ in their community and city. 


How can you get involved? Consider hosting a party club in your home this holiday season! Contact to get started.