Ministry Across Cultures and Neighborhoods

Due to the pandemic, public school after-school Good News Clubs are on pause in Chicago. In their place, Good News Clubs have begun in private after-school ministries. One that is opening up is in the Maywood area and another one in the Little India neighborhood in Chicago.

Chicago is known for its diversity condensed into unique neighborhoods. Devon Avenue is just one of the many examples of cultures being represented from the other side of the world. Little India is known for its many storefronts offering biryani, baklava, and sarees. You can also find beautiful salons offering henna hand art.

You can find Christian churches and ministries that bring the Gospel to the people who live in the Little India neighborhood. CEF of Chicago is excited to partner with one of these ministries. The Family Empowerment Center’s vision states that their vision is to “be a leading faith-based agency in urban America having multiple locations that influence a powerful organization and a parish focus whereby God is glorified by what we do, how we do it, and whom we do it for as we raise leaders and strengthen urban families that are facing greater challenges.”

This Fall CEF of Chicago is excited to bring the Gospel into Devon every Friday night through a Good News Club. We are excited to partner with this center to share the Gospel in Devon. Do you know of an after-school center that would be interested in a once-a-week Good News Club? Contact us at or call us at (312)725-3294.