Get Trained

    CEF is extremely passionate about training and equipping others to evangelize and disciple. For over 80 years, Chicago CEF has been equipping people in the Chicago area to reach children for Christ. We have training for teenagers and young adults known as CYIA™ (Christian Youth In Action®). We have a college-level course called TCE™ (Teaching Children Effectively™) levels 1 and 2. We also teach customized training to meet the needs of your local church or teaching team. Our goal is to help you be equipped to reach children for Christ and teach them to follow Christ their whole lives. Below is a short testimony of how Hector Calix is training 20 church members taking the gospel to the Dominican Republic in their 20-hour training.

“Saturday we just kicked off a church training! Praise God we had twenty people show up to be trained and equipped. They will be going to the Dominican Republic to share the Gospel with boys and girls. Will you pray for next week as the students practicum their Wordles Book that they may do well and be able to share the Gospel clearly. Pray for the instructors as we teach 4 hours for each Saturday this month.” – Hector Calix

Hector is just one of the staff members here at CEF of Chicago excited to be running trainings in Chicago. CEF offers clear and simple classes to help the body of Christ grow in their evangelistic confidence. Training and equipping others to confidently share the gospel inside and outside of the church is what we love to do. If you or someone you know would be interested in taking CEF training connect with us at today!