One Child

( Written by Hector Calix | A full time missionary with CEF of Chicago )

Two years ago we had a 5-Day Club in Villa Park with only one child in attendance. Although there was only one child in club, he loved 5-Day Club and received Christ as his Savior the first day of club.   We saw he was on fire for God right away.   However, as the week went by, he seemed sad about something.  When we asked him what he was sad about, he said that he was sad that his parent didn’t believe in God. We prayed with him and encouraged him to pray for his parents’ salvation.

Two years forward, this Sunday, Viri and I attended New Life Community Church in Villa Park to do a presentation for our youth events, ReKindling and CYIA 2021. The Lord worked it out for us to be there the same Sunday as two people were getting baptized. One of these two people was a mom. In her testimony one of the things she said was, “Just as I vowed to love and respect my husband, today I want to publicly vow to love and respect Jesus as my Savior.” This was the mom of the child who received Christ at 5-Day Club two years ago! As the mom came out of the water we turned to see her son crying for joy that his prayers for his mom to believe in Jesus as her savior were answered!  His tears of joy were contagious and we began to cry as well.

Although two years ago we were discouraged to have only one child attend that 5-Day Club, God had a plan in drawing that one child to Himself and then using him to pray for his parents to receive New Life.  Praise God for working through the prayers of a child!