An Inside Look at Rekindling

       At every Rekindling event we challenge our Christian Youth In Action® students to act out the passion that God has given them and become excited about sharing the gospel with children. In February teenagers from all over Chicagoland were given the opportunity to minister to a group of children an hour earlier than our Rekindling event began at the very same church. Two of our teens joined us in leading a worship time for the children, during which the gospel was given.

         After worshiping with the children, we headed down the hall to our designated gathering space. As more teens arrived, we whetted their appetite for fun and excitement by playing a game called fishbowl. This allowed the students to interact with the staff as well as with each other. Once the food arrived, we transitioned into a more intentional time of getting to know each student individually and learning about what is going on in their lives.

         When the food was gone, and the table cleared off we corralled the teens into another room for devotional time. One of our own staff members addressed the students, challenging them all to have a daily quiet time with God and memorize His Word. Over all, the event was a huge success! One teenager told our staff, “I love this! I wish we could get together like this with everyone every week!”