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     Wearing masks, virtual learning, social distancing, when will it all end? That is the question on everyone’s mind. You can choose to let these things plague your mind or you could choose to trust God and do something amazing this summer even in the midst of this pandemic that has brought so many restrictions. You can choose to come to Christian Youth In Action® and learn how to share the gospel with children. It might not be an easy decision. You might even call it a leap of faith. That’s how 16-year-old Hannah Fitzmaurice felt when she came to CYIA™ In 2017. Here’s what she had to say about it.

     “CYIA for me this year was a leap of faith. Our school year had been extended a few days which meant it would overlap with the CYIA training week. I decided that I would come for my 5th year even though I knew it would be a challenge. I came in and out the first few days coming from school to here to home a little bit begrudgingly being that I was on almost 0% sleep and 100% stress. When I got here a lot of things were different and I wasn’t so sure I was going to like it maybe even thinking it would be my last year. However, I began to realize how I do really belong here. I came in with a bad attitude and God quickly turned that around and showed me that this was really where I was meant to be. He has brought about many new friendships and relationships that will last not only the whole summer but hopefully much longer, he has brought back to my attention my love for teaching the gospel and being able to interact with a community outside of my own.

     I remember going to my first day of club where we were shocked to arrive to eight kids. I taught bible lesson and to our surprise every kid came back to be counseled. The three girls I talked to had all said they had already accepted Jesus as their savior, so I told them about how to grow how to repent and how to tell others and spread that news. I gave two of the girls a Bible and told them where to read. Since then, they have read their Bibles every day and tell me about the stories they have read about. During that counseling time I saw firsthand what The Word can really do in a child’s life. They prayed in a way that was so simple yet so vulnerable and through them I saw an example of how my faith should look.” 

     You can experience God’s work in your own life and in the lives of children this summer at CYIA. Join us for eleven days of training, worship, and fun. We hope to see you there!

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