Meet The Team

We are excited to announce the fourth installment of our Meet The Team campaign. Each month we will be introducing you to one of our amazing CEF Chicago staff members along with how you can specifically be praying for them. This month is our newest intern, Razilee Race.

Razilee Race – Intern

Razilee joined Chicago CEF in November 2020. She moved to Illinois from Michigan and is currently living in the Housing for Urban Ministry Building in Maywood, IL. Since her arrival she has been busy helping us expand our outreach in the Maywood community and preparing our ministry center for an in person Good News Club®.  Below are her answers to how God called her into CEF Chicago and how she has seen God’s hand in ministry.

“I have been involved with CEF ever since I attended my first CYIA in 2013. In 2019 my local chapter needed someone to teach 5-Day Club® so they asked me to be their summer intern. Part of this internship included helping at CYIA. While I was there, I felt God calling me to attend CMI. I said yes to God and began asking Him to provide the finances needed to go. Toward the end of summer my state director called me and told me that if I did a year long internship at CEF International Headquarters I would have the opportunity afterwards to attend CMI. So, I went. While I was at headquarters, I made some strong connections with someone from the Chicago area and after a lot of praying and thinking I made the decision to apply for an internship with CEF Chicago.

Because I was at headquarters for the last year, I had the opportunity to see God do amazing things all over the world despite the pandemic. I had a front row seat when Good News TV came out and reports came back of whole families being changed. I also got to watch the process of Zoom Good News Clubs becoming a reality and heard about how some clubs were growing so quickly that new clubs had to be started in order to minister effectively to the children. I also experienced God’s work in my own life. In all the craziness He showed me that He has a plan that is even better than anything I could come up with on my own.”

Prayer Requests:

  1. Boldness while raising support.
  2. Motivation and safety while learning how to deal with city traffic.