Meet The Team

We are excited to announce the second installment of our Meet the Team campaign. Each month we will be introducing you to one of our amazing CEF Chicago staff members along with how you can be specifically praying for them. This month is Tatiana Vasquez.

     Tatiana Vasquez joined Chicago CEF in summer 2019 coming on staff as a ministry coordinator. She moved to Chicago from Indiana and is currently living in the Housing for Urban Ministry Building in Maywood, IL. She worked hard over the summer to help with backyard 5-day clubs after graduating with her bachelor’s from Moody Bible Institute. 

     Tatiana is very close to our club coordinator Stephanie Anderson. They grew up in Indiana together and were good friends. She went to Moody Bible Institute where she earned her degree. Tatiana was happily brought onto our team in 2019. Tatiana went through CYIA in 2019 as a student and again in 2020 during which she gave the daily devotional. She has worked with Good News Clubs from 2019-20. Tatiana is currently working on making the Ministry Center at the HUB (Housing Urban ministry Building) fully operational for community outreach. During quarantine this past spring, she was able to spend time with her family in Indiana rather than stay at the HUB. 

     Due to the nature of CEF’s work, and Good News Clubs shutting down due to COVID, she was able to complete her work exceptionally well and continue to be a hard worker even through quarantine. Tatiana loves the work that CEF does and loves ministering to children. One way in which she ministered to the children of Chicago this summer was by leading 5-Day Club teams. She led club teams all across Chicagoland in spreading the Gospel. She also excelled in a brand new ministry of CEF through a Zoom 5-Day Club.

     To our dismay, Tatiana will be leaving CEF Chicago in January to pursue her Master’s degree at Wheaton College. We are sad to see her go, she has been a huge blessing to us and we will miss her dearly. We at CEF wish her the best of luck in her pursuit and pray that she is imparted with the knowledge to further the Kingdom of God. 


Please keep Tatiana in your prayers for:

  • Healthy transition between CEF and school
  • The pursuit of higher education
  • Transitioning to a different church