Christian Youth In Action


Every single staff member in CEF Chicago understands what an incredible opportunity Christian Youth In Action is for teens living in Cook or DuPage County. We could give you reason after reason why teens should attend CYIA this summer. But we also realize that the voice of a peer can be more influential than one of a staff member. Below are 8 testimonies from teens, along with their 8 different individual reasons for being hesitant to attending CYIA and their experience after making the decision to join.

Being away from home

Male 13

“I didn’t want to leave my parents for ten days.”

But in the end

 “I thank all the staff for teaching us on how to evangelize the gospel to other kids and i thank the summer staff for volunteering to help the staff by teaching us.”


Not a HUGE People Person

“They all tried to hug me and I hated (still hate) it!”

But in the end

“The people and their over loving attitudes started to grow on me (that doesn’t mean I like hugs now). The overall environment of CYIA was one of showing Christs love.”


Stage Fright

“I don’t like talking in front of people.”

But in the end

“Surprisingly it was not as hard as I thought it would be. The leaders where always there for me and where very encouraging.”



“I was too scared to go”

But in the end

“I really needed the training. I realized that going to CYIA would help me in, not only 5-day clubs, but for the rest of my life. “


Won’t Be Worth It

“I expected it to be a one-time thing that I would enjoy but wouldn’t have a big impact on me.”

But in the end

“I do not know where I would be if my friend had not invited me to the most impactful and fun experience of my life and I don’t want to know.”


Interfering with Summer plans

“I didn’t want it to interfere with swimming”

But in the end

“So I thank my parents for sending me here. I can tell my brother about how it went and teach him so he get closer to God…and so I could also teach my little cousins about God so they can learn more about him.”


Finds it difficult to memorize scripture

Female 14

“I began learning all the memory verses last minute and stressing that they’d hate me for it, because I do that.”

But in the end

“But upon arriving and checking in and seeing all the wonderful smiles and receiving the hugs and hearing the people from years past reuniting. Of course they didn’t hate me for not knowing all the verses and that “You can just work on memorizing and come to me before dinner.”


Waste of Time

Male 14

“At first I didn’t think it would be fun I actually thought that it would horrible and that it would be a waste of my summer”

But in the end

“In the end I am absolutely glad that I went to this training because without it I do not think that I would have grown spiritually and mentally. I am also thinking of trying to be a staff member at CYIA so that I can help more people and train others”


CYIA is truly a life-changing training. It will be held at Calvary Memorial Church on June 18th-28th. If you or someone you know is interested in attending the training head on over to to learn more about this incredible opportunity.