Invite Us to Share at Your Next Gathering

Spring is here and that has us excitedly preparing for Summer! Now is the time when Chicago CEF goes into schools, groups, and events sharing about our upcoming Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) training camp. CYIA is an 11-day overnight training camp for students ages 12-19. They learn how to effectively share the Gospel using innovative tools taught by full-time CEF Staff.

CEF’s goal is to raise up the next generation of believers to be bold in sharing their faith. One mother shares why she invited CEF to present at her group’s assembly for the past four years.

“I wanted to have CYIA present a demo of what they do to get other potential teens to join the 11-day camp over the summer. When my kids did it the first time, I noticed a big change in their spiritual walk with the Lord—they had more boldness in witnessing and they hungered more for the things of God…I know other parents would love to see their kids grow more spiritually, knowing that in the future, they will continue to follow Christ. I wanted to do my best to increase the chances of my kids making that most important decision of their lives—making Jesus their own personal Savior and Lord of their lives. I feel that CYIA brings the teens at a crossroads, where they will have to make that decision.”

A CYIA promotional is typically 10 to 60 minute and is a vision casting presentation to youth ages 12-19. We present what Christian Youth in Action is, why evangelism is important, and how teens can take the next step in the great commission.

If you’re involved in or know someone involved in a Cook or DuPage county Highschool, Homeschool Group, Youth group, or friend group that would be interested in having a CEF representative share about CYIA this upcoming spring? Contact us at or give us a call at 1(708)916-6211