A New Life for 2019

Happy New Year! If you partied in the new year with friends, family, and loved ones, you are not alone. A large portion of the globe gathers together with those they care about to celebrate the coming of a new year and the unspoiled promises it brings. Maybe you are also among one of many Americans who makes goals for the new year. Many books, articles, apps, and programs guarantee “a new you” for the new year. Such goals to get in shape, spend less, save more, read more, watch less, etc are good and lofty goals which we affirm.

In addition to physical goals, maybe you have some spiritual goals for the new year. Maybe you want to read through the Bible this year, or spend 5 minutes a day or more in prayer, or read your Bible at least 5 days a week. Maybe you want to go back to school and get a Bible degree or take a theology class. I hope you do have spiritual goals. ‘

As you set aside time, money, energy, and passion to accomplish your goals this year, would you consider adding one more? Today, would you join me in considering and even weeping over the souls of the spiritually lost children in the city of Chicago? Aside from believing in the finished work of Jesus on the cross, hundreds of thousands of children in Chicago are bound for an eternity worse than any broken New Years’ resolution. An eternity without our Savior is a terrible thing to consider, yet the Bible teaches that is exactly where young and old alike are headed if they don’t hear the Gospel and embrace Jesus as Savior.

We can work towards education reform in 2019 for Chicago’s children. We can help children have stable families to grow up in. We can make kids’ neighborhoods safer. We can work towards economic opportunities for youth as they grow up. We should do all of the above and more! As we care for children, we must care for the whole child and recognize that a safe, educated, fed, and cared for child will still be judged for his sin without a sin bearer. Would you join with Chicago CEF in 2019 to help minister to the whole child?

Would you consider teaching a Good News Club in your local public school this spring or next fall? Please email [email protected] if you want to get involved in taking the Gospel into public schools.

Would you plan towards hosting a 5-Day Club this summer? All it takes is a 90-minute commitment for one week, and a heart for your neighborhood. Please call 312-725-3294 to find out more information.

Whether or not you can minister directly with children in 2019, would you consider joining with us monthly through a financial partnership? You can do that at https://cefchicago.com/donate/.

Thank you for helping children to have a new spiritual life in 2019, a truly new “You!”