Unexpected Gratitude

Teaching the Gospel to children in Chicagoland public schools is always an exciting prospect! One of CEF Chicago’s ministries is coordinating, teaching, and training to start-up Good News Clubs in local public schools. One of those schools is on the north-west side of Chicago. As the fall semester was ending the last day of GNC was bitter-sweet. They taught their last Bible lesson of the year and said goodbye and Merry Christmas to the kids who attended.

As they made their way out of the school they were called into the office. The school handed them an envelope containing a letter thanking the teachers for their work in the school along with a surprising $60 in cash. The Chicago Public School not only acknowledged their work in the school but actively gave towards the furthering of the kingdom! That act excited the team as it clearly showed that God was at work in that public school.

God is doing a mighty work through Chicago CEF Good News Club teachers! The extent of the work may sometimes be more than we’ll see this side of heaven. Would you continue praying for good relations with the schools and their after-school Good News Clubs? Pray that Jesus would keep shining through the teachers to the children, even as they walk through the halls, communicate with the CPS office, and connect with other teachers.