Time Spent Before the Throne

One of CEF’s main culture points was emphasized at a Southside gathering this past week. Chicago CEF Metro director Jonathan King shared the Importance of Prayer as Our Foundation, “It is not the work we do, the meetings we hold or the decisions we make that bring the greatest advances in the work; it is the time spent before the throne of God in prayer, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that brings power, laborers, and resources into the ministry.”

The gathering was a thanksgiving celebration put on by a CEF volunteer. The afternoon was attended by CEF Chicago board members, CEF full-time missionaries, along with teachers from two of the largest Good News Clubs on the Southside. The gathering was held to reconnect with those GNC teachers who are dedicated to teaching Southside GNCs as well as casting a vision for how to better equip to share about the many different aspects of the ministry.

After the information was delivered they all sat around the large table for an hour to lift up prayers of praise and requests to God. One GNC teacher prayed a prayer of thankfulness, “Thank you for the 20 parents who signed-up their children for GNC yesterday. I want to thank you for this young generation that needs to know about you. God, they are going to know about you through Good News Club” another adding “Thank you for the privilege to be holding hands with all those in this circle. Knowing that they too are out there doing your will, heavenly father” and the heart of each prayer can be summed up in a prayer the director prayed “Lord, would you raise up an army. That we would have clubs beginning to start up all over Chicagoland.”

Would you join these men and women in praying for Good News Clubs? That Churches all over Chicagoland would catch the vision and want to go into public schools and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the starting up of a Good News Club.