Attainable Assignment

How often as believers can we lose our excitement for sharing the Gospel? Especially in today’s day in age when we seem to utilize and fill every waking hour of our day. Sometimes when picking up our devotionals, the calling of the Great Commission can feel like an unattainable assignment. “How can I fit one more thing into my schedule,” you may ask yourself. Rest assured that as God’s people, we are offered the opportunity to be witnesses to God’s amazing power, even on busy days.

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One of our team members reflected on a ministry opportunity she was recently a part of.

“Joy came from so many being blessed while serving at the outreach. It was evidenced by their willingness to hear the Gospel as we face painted. An opportunity was presented to hear the voices of the children as we sat with them as well as the thankfulness from the parents as we shared and talked of being in the schools. A reminder of God’s desire for us to reach his people.”

God desires us to reach His people and by partnering with Chicago Child Evangelism Fellowship you are on the front lines in the efforts to reach the over 1.1 million children for Christ every single day. Through missionaries that have dedicated their lives and careers to evangelize children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.