“Now I’m a Princess!”

Chicago CEF has recently been able to utilize our evangelistic face painting and balloon animal ministry in Maywood.

Last weekend was the Pumpkin Patch Parade. 5th Ave was blocked off to make room for a giant blowup pumpkin, a dozen orange tents, and a stage. The parade was put on by the Maywood Fine Arts Association. About a month ago, CEF received a call from the association inquiring about our ministry’s availability. Their coordinator had seen our face painting at another local event in Maywood and invited us to participate in their own event. We explained how we offer free face painting as an evangelistic tool and they excitedly gave us the go-ahead.

About an hour into the event one girl came up to a volunteer and wanted to be painted as a princess. The volunteer immediately noticed the scars covering her face like a stained glass window. “Can you make me into a princess?” the little girl asked. As the volunteer painted her face, she shared to the would-be-princess about God. The girl learned about the Creator and King of the universe, who sent Jesus to die for her to take away her sin so she could be his daughter, a true princess. The little girl’s painted face lit up as she prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior. After looking up she exclaimed “Now I’m a princess!” and got up excitedly to tell her mother what she had done.