City-Wide Training

Our city needs Jesus! Our need for Jesus is apparent by the unseeingly bridled sin that rampages through our streets, schools, and businesses. On the same day as our training, only a few blocks from the HUB there was a man who was shot by police because he was trying to rob a restaurant. The police, laws, community outreach events, and any government or social program will not fix our problem of sin, only Jesus can do that. By the time people are in their teens, their worldview is statistically set, so we have to reach them as children before they reach age 14. This strategic 4-14 window was one of the focuses at our city-wide teacher training workshop last Saturday

Last Saturday Chicago CEF sponsored a teacher training workshop at Broadview Missionary Baptist Church. Our staff taught on the opportunity of reaching children for Christ in public schools, community centers, homes, and yes, churches. Children can believe in Jesus, and they need the Gospel! People attended the training from the far south-eastern suburbs, south side, north side, west side, western ‘burbs, and downtown! Attendees learned how to share the Gospel, but also spent some significant time learning how to better disciple a group of children as well! If you are interested in a smaller, more specialized training at your church, please let us know, and we will do our best to work it out to train groups of people to lead children to Christ, all at little or no cost to the churches.

We must take the Gospel to the children of our city. They are dying in our streets, struggling in our schools, and dealing with deep family issues. Will you partner with us to take the Gospel to the kids where they are? We are starting up Good News Clubs right now in schools all over Chicagoland. Would you be part of a Good News Club teaching team? We need financial support to continue this strategic work. Will you consider partnering with us financially? Together, we can continue to share the Gospel with thousands of children again this year, and work toward reaching the 1.1 million children in Chicagoland.