A Boy in a Tree

We were blessed to see God do great things this summer both through our Christian Youth In Action® program and fifty-five 5-Day Club® outreaches.  Over 1,200 boys and girls participated in these clubs, all of whom were presented with the life changing gospel and were challenged to have their lives “Turned Around” by trusting Jesus as their Savior from sin. Many were counseled in how to do just that, and many more were counseled in how to live a Christian life in the world in which they live.

One club we taught had to be moved to a nearby park because there was gang activity where it had originally been scheduled.  While at the park, the kids only wanted to play soccer.  So we played lots of soccer and at half time had a water break where we shared the gospel with the kids. One day we were able to share the gospel using the colors on the soccer ball which we were using.  After trusting Jesus as Savior, a little 7 year old boy decided that he did not want to play any more soccer. Instead, he took his “Heaven How to Get There” tract, climbed into a tree, and spent the next twenty minutes intently studying it.  When he was asked what he was doing and why he didn’t want to play soccer, He replied, “Just learning more about God… and that’s more important than playing soccer…”

If you have been a part of the ministry summer by teaching, giving, hosting, prayer, or in other ways, thank you! Your involvement has made an impact in this boy’s life and many others just like him this summer. If you haven’t join the fellowship of people who care about children’s souls, the Child Evangelism Fellowship, why not join in support today by getting involved, or partnering financially (or both!).