Sharing Freedom on Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! We are so thankful to be able to live and minister in a country where we can be free. We are grateful to God that we can freely share the love of Christ in front and backyards at 5-Day Clubs in the Summer and in public schools during the school year. We are thankful that we can partner with police during peace rallies without fear that will turn on us and arrest us for sharing the Gospel. Even with all of the freedoms that we are celebrating on this Independence Day, those who follow Christ know that true freedom is only found in Christ. Legal freedom without freedom from sin is just a different kind of bondage. Will you join with us this summer and help the children of Chicago who are in slavery to sin know that there is freedom in Jesus? We are sharing that hope with children all throughout Chicago through our 5-Day Clubs and community rallies this summer. If you’re interested in hosting a 5-Day Club, will you email [email protected], or call 312-725-3294? All you have to do to begin connecting with your community is to pass out some flyers, make your front yard available, and provide a basic snack. Will you share the freedom found in Christ with the kids on your block this summer?