Three Souls

One of the most amazing parts of being a Christian is having the privilege of sitting in the front row and seeing God work in hearts and lives! At a club I was teaching there was one of those front row moments. I taught a Bible lesson and then gave the children a chance to follow up on what had been taught by talking to me further. Eight children indicated that they wanted to do so, and since that is too many children to effectively talk to at once, I called over one of our CYIAers (Summer missionaries) who helps with the club. She talked to four girls, and I talked to four boys. One of the four boys has been talking to me about what it means to believe in Jesus every opportunity that he has been given for over a year. The other three boys shared with me that they had never before embraced Jesus and believed in Him for the forgiveness of their sins. We sat on the steps where we were visible to all and talked of Jesus and His work for us for over 30 minutes.

Towards the end of our discussion, as I spoke of believing in Jesus, one of the boys stopped me by firmly putting his hand out like a stop sign. “Can I do that right now?” He said with tears welling up in his eyes. I wanted to make sure each of the three boys understood by asking a couple more questions, and then each of the three boys made professions of faith by praying to God in their own words (I don’t like to have children repeat after me because anyone can repeat after someone). The middle boy who interrupted me finished his prayer by telling God the Son, “Jesus, I want to follow you all the days of my life…”