The Gospel in Chinese

It is quite distracting teaching a Bible lesson to pause every sentence while the translator rewords everything into Chinese for these two children who have never heard of Noah, much less his ark. It is also unnerving to wonder exactly what is being translated about sin, God’s love, and the way of salvation.

Two of the children I teach have never been to church before, but these twin six-year-old girls are in the US with their parents for a year and are hearing about God for the first time. Their eyes got as big as saucers when they heard about Noah, and they found it hilarious to learn about the tower of Babel, especially since they were hearing it translated into Chinese. The irony wasn’t lost on me, either, but even as I smiled, I prayed that God would use this year to teach them and their parents about Himself.

There are many children like them in our Good News Clubs, many of which come from unchurched homes. Our prayer is that as we teach the younger generation about Christ that they will bring the Gospel back into their homes. Even if its as simple as singing the Gospel-focused songs they learn from Good news Club. We’ve been able to witness Gods hand take hold of families through the children introducing their parents to God and continue to pray for that domino effect would happen through our Good News Clubs.