Making a Difference in a Life

Emily is a young girl, who like so many others in the 4th grade, has had no religious upbringing. However, Emily is fortunate in that there is a Good News Club in her school where she attends. She started coming to the club last year and a few months later trusted Christ as her Savior.

Emily’s family life is not good. Her birth father died some years back and her stepfather is absorbed with alcohol. Her mother is blind and has a guide dog. Her older brother from a different father is also blind and has a guide dog. Midsummer, Emily finally was able to convince her family to come to the church that sponsors her Good News Club. A member of that church (and a volunteer at the Good News Club) picks the family of seven up (and two guide dogs), brings them to church and then brings them back home each Sunday. The family is enjoying being a part of the church and has not missed a church service since starting to come in June.

Each week they hear God’s good news of salvation clearly presented in church. Please pray for Emily’s family as their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs are so great. Also, pray for God’s people as they minister to Emily’s family in the name of Jesus. Pray that her whole family will come to know Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.