God and Dinosaurs

He couldn’t sit still, no matter how hard he tried. He couldn’t concentrate on anything except his graphic novels. “I don’t want to believe in Jesus to take away my sins, because I would rather live for 100 years on earth.”

“What? That doesn’t really apply, Liam (name changed),” I tried to explain, but Liam was already running away to grab another graphic novel from his backpack.

Every week, I taught the Gospel to the 79 children at this club, and every week, several of them including Liam came up to me afterward to talk about salvation. But Liam was more interested in distracting the other children than in talking about salvation. He loved the attention and was very affectionate, but did not want to talk about salvation. “I’m not ready to decide this,” he said every week. “I will think about it for another week.”

Finally, in trying to minimize distractions, Liam was told that the teachers were happy to talk with him about dinosaurs, superheroes or graphic novels any time except when other kids were coming back to talk about the Gospel and how to be right with God.

That day, the Gospel was explained in the lesson once again. Several children approached me with questions at the end, including Liam. I sighed inwardly, expecting the same scene as before. “Hi, Liam, why did you come to talk to me?” I asked, expecting the same answer as before.

“I’ve made my decision, and I want to talk to you about it,” Liam said, looking me squarely in the eye.”

There were a number of other children in line to talk to me ahead of Liam, and I honestly believed he would get distracted before I had time to talk with him. To my surprise, he sat quietly, listening to the other children’s questions and my answers. At last, it was Liam’s turn. “I’ve decided,” he repeated. “I want to believe in Jesus to take away my sins.”

He prayed on his own, succinctly and clearly. “Take away my sins; I believe you died for me….”

After that, there was a marked change in Liam. He listened and engaged and even managed to sit still occasionally. His decision changed his life.