CYIA Teen Testimonies

We are heading into this year’s CYIA training June 20th—30th. Be praying for the teens in this intense training and as they minister throughout the summer. The picture above is the 2016 CYIA group with a few of their testimonies.

Female, 14 years old: “I really enjoyed CYIA training and enjoyed overcoming some challenges. This has been a time of growth for me and I have come closer to the Lord. The staff has been really encouraging and helpful. I also enjoyed getting to know other committed teenagers who love the Lord Jesus. CYIA has taught me so much about teaching kids, and I have seen evangelism in a new way. Chapel was one of my favorite things because it taught me so much.”

Male, 16 years old: “If you are tired of reading the same old ‘best week of my life’ quotes, here’s some reality. CYIA training is one of the most mentally, physically and emotionally draining experiences you will ever have. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad training. I think it is the best thing for every Christian to be challenged so they might grow in Christ. CYIA will help you to grow in faith and in the practical application of your faith. It teaches you to tell the gospel to people in a way they can understand, so they can be changed by Jesus/salvation.”

Male, 15 years old: “I had a truly incredible revival during this time at CYIA. I previously thought that I could do things for God that were small and unimportant. During CYIA I learned that God can use me in amazing ways, even in the small things like teaching a Bible story. It helped me see how the Holy Spirit is working in and through me to share the Gospel. In my first Bible les- son, I thought I messed up and didn’t do well. When I gave the invitation, it was amazing to see that the Spirit had been touching the hearts of two boys during my lesson, and they both ac- cepted Christ as their Savior. Just like a “Word Up” said ‘God can use me’, I learned God can use me.”