“Wait! He came ALIVE?!”

God in the midst of distractions

In one of our clubs, a child recently was causing a lot of trouble. He was sitting in the front row directly below the teacher. This little boy, about six years old, was having so much fun distracting the other children from listening by repeating the teacher in a mocking manner. At the end of the Bible lesson, however, the teacher mentioned Jesus’ death and resurrection. The little boy sat bolt upright, eyes as wide as saucers. “Wait! He came ALIVE?!” he exclaimed. “Jesus came alive again?!”

The little boy then went to the teacher at the end of club with many questions about sin and salvation. He did not trust Jesus as his savior from sin that day, but it truly was incredible to see God working in this little boy’s life, even when he appeared to be too distracted to listen.

What a testament to our God. He gave that teacher patience to continue teaching this child about what Jesus had done for him. Sometimes our first instinct would be to separate that child from the group or not allow them back at club until they have an attitude change. God had a plan for him. That child was in awe of Gods power. God used that teacher to create wonder in that classroom and in that child specifically that day. God can use us to bring children to himself. Even in the moment,s we don’t think they’re listening or taking anything away from the teaching. God is moving even when we cant see it.