Beautiful Moments

“I love working with the children who don’t come to club well-dressed, who don’t seem perfectly put-together and well-cared for at home.” My co-club teacher was really good at noticing these children, and she lavished love on them.

Many of us have memories of that special adult who took an interest in us, who made us feel loved and beautiful. But unfortunately, many of us also remember moments, even if we grew up in loving homes, when we felt un-beautiful: an unkind classmate; our first crush who didn’t return interest; an unkind teacher.

As we grow up, we try to cherish the moments when we feel beautiful, we work to learn that our value comes from God. But those memories of “un-beautiful moments” can still sting. As we teach clubs, it is vital to show each child that he or she is loved and beautiful. Who doesn’t need “beautiful moments?”

“How did you dress up for Halloween?” It was November 1, and we were munching snacks and coloring at the start of Bible club.

The answers were as varied as the children. “A biker chic.” “A WW2 pilot.” “A princess.” This last one came from a little girl who looked like a stereotypical princess; dressed in lace, ready to cuddle up to the nearest teacher for a hug, intently focused on coloring.

During the middle of club, I made a mistake. Usually when I am teaching children, I say, “Name one adult who loves you.” In today’s broken world, I avoid assuming each child is loved by two parents, or even one. But today as I taught about God’s unconditional love, I asked, “Would your mom still love you if you sinned against her?” Everyone but “the little princess” nodded. She simply looked confused. I tried to reassure her of her mother’s love, fumbling as I realized I had no idea what her mother was like, and I remembered all over again that sooner or later, most children have insecure, or “un-beautiful,” moments.

I cannot wait to get back to Bible club next week. I am praying that “the little princess” will be there. I am praying I will get the chance to show her Psalm 139: “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” I cannot wait to explain that no matter how her mother responds, God knows her intimately, loves her unconditionally, and created her absolutely, stunningly beautiful.