Jesus Already Did Forgive My Sins!

This true account was written by one of our CYIA summer missionaries who spent the summer teaching 5-Day Clubs.

When I first noticed Lisa and her younger sister Jenny (names changed), 12-year-old Lisa had seven-year-old Jenny sitting in her lap. Lisa’s hair was windblown, and her jeanslooked a size too big. Who is caring for these children? I wondered. I found out later: “Their father is an alcoholic, and the children live with their grandparents, who do their best to take care of them,” a co-teacher explained. ” Lisa trusted in Jesus to forgive her sins last year, but Jenny hasn’t said anything yet.” Following that conversation, I watched the two girls evenmore closely. Lisa tended to avoid group activities unless she was able to help the younger children. Jenny refused to go anywhere without her older sister.

One day Lisa and Jenny came back to talk with me about the Gospel. “A few days ago, I told Jenny all about how to have her sins forgiven,” Lisa explained to me. “But I want her totalk to you about it.”

I knelt down next to Jenny. “Hi there,” I said. “Can you tell me how you can have yoursins forgiven?”

“Jesus already did forgive my sins,” Jenny said with surprising confidence, looking me squarely in the eye. “I told Him I believed He died for me, and that I wanted him to help me.But what about why I still sin? I ask Him to help me not sin but sometimes I still do. What do I do about that?”

As I encouraged this little girl to keep growing closer to God, I was amazed by the ways He is already growing her. I am so thankful that even though Lisa and Jenny’s earthly fatherstruggles in his ability to care for them, God, their perfect Heavenly Father, is showing them all the love and care they need.

Will you join us in praying that children throughout Chicagoland will be making decisions to follow the one perfect Heavenly Father at 5-Day Clubs this summer? Thank You!