Do They Remember?

Let’s face it: as teachers, we are not always sure how much our students remember. The boy poking his friend, the two little girls giggling in a corner—how much do they absorb? We prepare fascinating lessons; we teach with excitement; we pray that God grows the seed. But do they remember?

In one Good News Club, we have been covering the Guard Your Heart series. This series talks about the ear gate and the eye gate in the sense of protecting the information you expose your heart to, in the same way that ancient cities used to guard their main roads from unwelcome intruders.

Last night I was not thinking about Good News Club; I was attending a women’s Beth Moore Bible study. When I got there, I didn’t know everyone, so I introduced myself. A woman immediately responded: “I know you, Miss Marvella—my daughter is in your class. I know everything about you.” (Teachers, imagine having a complete stranger say this to you!) The woman continued: “I know all about the ear gate and the eye gate. My daughter told me she can no longer watch her favourite dance TV show because the main character curses and my daughter wants to guard her heart and watch what goes into her ear gate and eye gate. I even taped that show for my daughter and she wouldn’t watch it. She made the decision herself.”

I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it!

What a wonderful reminder: they may poke and wiggle, whisper and squirm, but when God intends certain Bible lessons for certain children, they remember.